Use your GMail Account as a Mountable FIlesystem

How would you like to use that GMail account for something more than just email. Maybe you’ve thought of sharing pictures through GMail or backing up some important software. Well now you can with GMailFS this brilliantly useful piece of software will allow you to mount a GMail account on your linux system as if it was a secondary harddrive. This allows you to store files and run most *nix terminal commands like cp, ls, mv, rm, ln, grep and more. IMHO this opens up the floodgates for other developers to write advanced addons for the GMail accounts we all know and love. GMailFS is written in Python and uses FUSE and libgmail

For more info or install instructions please visit and support the author Richard Jones website at

More GMail Invites!

Well I got 3 more free GMail Invites to give away and the contest in the post 2 below this one is still going. Just take a screencap or photo of in an obscure or high traffic place email it to and 1 is yours! And please if you’re going to take advantage of these free GMail accounts help me out getting this site going and e-mail me your tech News, Tips and Tricks and maybe post some comments. Thanks! Now on with teh GMail!


Phreakers For Sale!

According to this article on SecurityFocus, a company by the name of will be selling caller ID spoofing. (In case you’ve never heard of this it’s called Orange Boxing in Phreaker circles) the article claims that the service will cost only $0.25 USD per call and $0.07 to $0.14 per minute. Regarding abuse of this service by less than honest ventures Star38 says that it will screen subscribers and initially only offer the service to liscenced private investigators, collection agencies and the like. The scary part (at least to me) is that this business does not appear to violate any criminal law. The service is slated to open up on September 1st.

GMail Invites Free/Contest

Well I’ve got a couple of GMail Invites to give away! And a couple more you can win.

Here’s the free ones

If you want one of the other 3 then send a picture of the web address in the higest profile place (I know this is subjective but I’ll judge the winners) the top 3 people will get an invite. Send entries to

Ninjas just aren’t what they used to be.

2 things baffle me 1. why people tape themselves doing stupid crap and 2. Why they tape themselves doing stupid crap, Watch themselves doing stupid crap and THEN think hey I’ll post my moment of shame on the internet! …. Well it gives me something to post so here’s todays “Random Crap”

Crappy Ninja