Helix Linux Live CD

Well for quite some time I’ve been partial to Knoppix-STD as my Linux Live CD of choice. However I’ve recently had the pleasure of trying Helix 1.5. In similar fashon it’s based on Knoppix but you’re given the options of using multiple kernels (2.4.27 & 2.6.7). Helix is forensically sound meaning it does not touch the host machine, it dosen’t automaount swap space or any “found” devices.

Helix even includes a windows app for forensic analasys like grabbing system images.

Helix has an extensive list of software loaded including
Packet sniffers, IDS Systems, SAMBA, arping, ethereal, ettercap, nessus, nmap, aircrack, airsnort, Kismet and Much more! (full list at Helix )

Download HERE

I’ve found Helix to be a great addition to my tech toolkit.

Portable Instant Messaging

I recently made a post about “Portable FireFox”. Well in keeping with the portable theme I present to you “Miranda Instant Messenger” it’s a Multi Protocol Instant Messenger Client (meaning it will work on multiple networks. ie Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, etc) and it fits on a USB Thumb Drive. If you don’t use many plugins you could even fit it on a floppy drive. Miranda already has a plethora of plugins and customizations available from their website.

Check it all out at www.miranda-im.org

Default Password List and Google Hack

Thanks to PHENOELIT “The Land of Packets” there is a central repository of all the default passwords used by the manufacturers of hardware and software called the Default Password List and it’s located HERE. This list is regularly updated. Disclamer!!! This list should only be used for informational and security checking purposes not for say ….. *cough* ahem… wardriving or “exploring” over the net.

Also I was browsing around www.kevinrose.com and a user by the name of mgrundon posted a google search string “inurl:indexFrame.shtml Axis” if you serach for this in google (without the ” “) you’ll come accross a whole bunch of Axis video servers. Nothing too interesting so far except what looks like some people doing research on something. But you never know give it a try and post a comment if you find anything REALLY interesting

Half-Life 2 *Updated*

Well I waited up and got Half-Life 2 unlocked at the stroke of midnight. And played it for a solid 4 hours. I’m pretty impressed great sound, the story is drawing me in and the visuals are utterly beautiful. I’m realy loving the opening scenes throughout City 17. It seems like a cross between Orwells 1984 and Independence Day. I can’t really say enough about this game except if you don’t have it already get it. It easily tops all the other big contenders of this year it kills Doom 3 and it slaughters Halo 2. Nuff said.

I managed to get a few screenshots posted HERE. I’m actually finding it pretty hard to get screenshots because the action dosen’t really let up enough to take some time and look around very much. But I’ll keep trying.

Half-Life 2 Screenshots

*UPDATE* Even more screenshots now. I’m gonna try and keep going until I beat the game