Ghetto UPS

Ever felt the need to “Tim Taylor” your UPS and get some “More Power” to give yourself some more uptime during your next power outage? Well here’s your solution. the “DIY or Ghetto” UPS. Dan over at Dans Data has whipped up a Dual Conversion UPS from a DC power supply a power inverter and 1 or more Car Batteries. Just as a warning the contents of automotive batteries are toxic and were not meant to be used in your home so take care when performing this hack.

This hack allows you to continually charge the car battery while the power is on while the car battery powers your computer, monitor, etc. When the power cuts the battery takes over with no interruption at all allowing you to shut down your system safely or finish your game of Half-Life, etc. You can use more powerful or more batteries to give yourself more “outage power” as you see fit.

Check out the full article with Dan’s recommendations for inverters batteries and power supplies at

Also read my reccomendations by “Continuing” to read this article.

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“30 Things you didn’t know about the Tech Guy” and WarDriving for Anonimity

I found a couple of articles some of you may find useful or funny.

30 Things you didn’t know about the tech guy

The first one is a list done by Francesco Marciuliano over at titled “30 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Office Tech Guy” and I have to say this is pretty acurate. Some of my favorites (and the ones that apply to me) are

– Peanuts and dairy products could kill him.
– He was ecstatic to learn Jeri Ryan is single again.
– His drinks, food, mints, hair gel, toothpaste and contact lens solution are all caffeinated.
– He is, at this very moment, quoting “Office Space.”

Uh…..Yea (– Bill Lumberg, Office Space) Well head on over to HERE to check out the full list.

WarDriving for Anonimity

The second link I have for you is an article by T Shark over at about WarDriving to stay anonymous on the internet. It has all the info you’ll need to find open Wireless AP’s and spoof your MAC address to use them anonymously. Read the full article HERE

Some Linux and Mac alternatives to the software Shark reccomends are listed below.

– Instead of NetStumbler use Kismac, MacStumbler or iStumbler
– Instead of SMAC use XNU
– Instead of NetStumbler use Kismet
– Instead of SMAC use The GNU MAC Changer

For more resources on wardriving in general visit

Margin notes
Also if you haven’t heard Skype Version 1.0 has been released for Linux and OS X If you’re not using it already head over to and check it out.