Voodoo 2 SLi & Doom 3 Kit

Someone is auctioning off some old 12 mb Voodoo 2 cards with SLi, drivers, and a copy of Doom III that will run on the cards HERE!!

If you’re uber leet you have to try this. Forget cutting edge PCI Ecpress video cards with > 256 MB of RAM and more processing power than grandmas whole house! You aint leet until you’ve rocked Doom 3 on ancient hardware.

Screens available HERE

You can also get info on how to get all sorts of stuff to run on VooDoo Cards at 3dfxzone.it

WarHammer REALLY stretching the franchise

Checking out the coming soon section of EBGames last night and a close friend of mine noticed the following listing.

It seems T HQ has taken a cue from all the recent GTA San Andreas hidden sex scene controversy. The horrible Images of Orks, Space Marines, Choas Space Marines and Eldar that this title conjures up are much more than I can handle.

In all seriousness though who reads these titles/headlines and says “yep looks good this is gonna sell strategy games” ? It truly appears that good editors are a dying breed.

Team Xecutor Rawks the PSP

Version 0.2 of Xecutors PSP Dev Kit they are currently up to version 0.5

Team Xecuter has done it!. The long awaited PSP project they’ve been working on shrouded in secrecy is finally revealed it’s a Mass storage adapter for the PSP that will allow you to plug in various sources of storage (i.e. Smart Media Card, Compact Flash Card, SD Card, USB Thumb Drive, USB HDD)

Here’s what Team Xecutor says on thier site

For some time now we have been working hard on a PSP hack. If you remember we never said it was a modchip or anything that could boot dumped games or homebrew (currently you have psp-dev and the WAB team to thank for these breakthroughs). In fact what we designed was our own development hardware to tap into every aspect of the PSP, from the Memory Stick port through to its NAND flash memory and infrastructure.

As there are more and more homebrew applications and games and other exciting developments within the growing PSP scene there is obviousley a need for more storage – and with that comes a heavy price. The cost of a 2Gb DUO memory stick can cost over $400 !

However, what if you could use a Smart Media Card, Compact Flash Card, SD Card, USB Flash Drive or even a USB HDD !

Well it’s possible. We are developing a simple plug in device where you can expand the PSP Memory Stick Port to connect to several other memory devices, thus saving massive costs and giving you a multitude of storage options for your PSP no matter what you wish to play with be it games, web browsers, ebooks, music players, media managers and much more !

Using this same development kit we have been able to downgrade v1.52 / v1.51 down to v1.50 or even a v1.00 with no problems whatsoever. We can also tell you its easily possible to patch the kernel to be able to boot anything you like without any type of software loader. It can be acheived in both a modchip AND a non-modchip form so no doubt teams like WAB and others will have solutions for you in the coming weeks as the methods to achieve this are indeed known by others – we are simply confirming its very possible. Before anyone makes a rumour – no Xecuter is not doing any form of modchip for the PSP – it will be a waste of time as every patch can be achieved without the need for this. However maybe certain dealers will have capabilities to downgrade your PSP firmware for you – or to repair PSP’s damaged by the over zealous hacker – who knows ?

On a final note good luck to teams like WAB and PSP-DEV – they are worth supporting


WHOPPIX is dead!

Whoppix is dead but WHAX has risen from the ashes.

WHoppix (White Hat Knoppix) was a penetration testing Live CD Based on Knoppix. It provided tools for penetration testing and security auditing networks on a bootable cd. Knoppix was based on the Debian distro of Linux. WHAX is built on SLAX which is a SlackWare based distro. SLAX and WHAX use a modular package system to allow you to easily add/remove applications giving you greater freedom in customizing the applications that are available to you. WHAX can be booted from CD/DVD/USB Drive or installed to a Hard Drive.

Get WHAX v3.0 Beta DEV at http://iwhax.net/modules/news/

Violence in VideoGames

I just read a great article by Brooks Brown at 1up.com on the subject of violence in video games. A bit of background on Brooks Brown, Brooks was a student at Columbine High School and had been friends with Eric Harris (one of the Columbine Shooters) before a falling out.

This article flows along the same threads as my view on video game violence.

Read it HERE
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