P2P or not P2P that is the question!

This is priceless. Aparently Reuters dosen’t know the difference between P2P and Sony’s PSP.
In the linked article about P2P legal goings on they use a sony PSP image ….?! Good research team guys.

Check it out here.
Reuters Article

Hardened Data Center Surviving from NOLA Skyscraper

I have to bring everyones attention to this. In the wake of Katrina in New Orleans a datacenter (directNIC.com) is being kept alive by a skeleton crew. Everyone REALLY needs to read this. Go to Interdictors Blog (now “The Survival of New Orleans blog”) HERE

They’ve had to take down pictures that they previously had posted from thier offices but they’ve been mirrored get all the mirrors from HERE

Our thoughts ad wishes are with everyone effected by Katrina