Apples new Gear

At todays Apple event 2 major new products were announced. The new Mac minis and the iPod Hi-Fi.

The new Mac Mini comes in 2 flavours Core Solo and Core Duo (Denoting Single and Dual Processor)


These models retail for $599 and $799 respectively. These new models include front row as aparently all new Apple computers will.
Specs are as follows

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Study Finds Video Games Good Mental Exercise

brainA new study from researchers here in Canada shows that regular video game usage promotes the ability of the mind to multi task, block out external distractions and causes the brain to age at a slower pace. The study reports that the effects of regular gaming shows similar effects a bilingualism as an exercise of the mind. The study notes that it is the inability to silence mental “noise” that makes the elderly prone to distraction and poor multi taskers. It is thought that this generation of gamers may be more functional mentally in our latter years due to this. In their test gamers preformed better and faster than their non gaming counterparts. The highest scorers were bilingual gamers.
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Flowers For Jack (Flowers Recieved)

flowers for jackWell it appears Mr Thompson has received his flowers.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can get the full back story HERE.

But essentially Jack Thompson is an Anti-Video game crusader who more and more seems completely devoid of logic or basic human thought. He has vilified the gaming community trying to label us as the scourge of modern society calling us (now affectionately used by the community) pixelantes. Now as can be guessed Jack has taken a lot of crap from the less mature more outgoing section of our demographic. Now to try and offset this and start some kind of constructive intelligent dialog Flowers For Jack was started. It’s main goal was to send a large amount of flowers along with a civil letter to Mr Thompson to outline our position and get a dialog going. Well getting back to the issue at hand it appears Jack has received the Flowers and is ignoring the letter completely as he is blaming Take 2 Interactive (makers of Grand Theft Auto) and Joystiq (the website that reported on the story). Many people were a part of Flowers For Jack right from the catalysts of the idea Alyson Burch and George Ettinger right down to the donators and signers like myself (Liam From Vancouver BC Canada) from around the world. Please go to the following links see our letter and see Jacks. Please don’t let him twist this to his own ends.

Pixelante Nation –

Flowers For Jack –

Joystiq Story –

G3 iPod Battery Replacement

My G3 iPod has seen it’s battery life degrade like a corpse in summer over the past little while.

Pod Battery

So I decided I’d try my hand at replacing the battery. Now I’m an impatient sort so being that there was a local retailer who had batteries in stock (Energizer) I decided to go and pick one up instead of ordering a kit online. Now the drawback I found with this was the lack of supplied tools to pry the iPod open with. Most kit’s purchased online will provide some sort of plastic pry tool that is designed to not damage your iPod when prying it open. Well I had to make do with a Jewelers screwdriver (Just a very small flathead screwdriver).

Now this is what you’ll need

  1. Pry tool (in my case a screwdriver)
  2. Battery (Energizer G3 iPod battery for my install)
  3. Flat clean work surface

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