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Perm Graphic

The PERM [Practical End-host collaborative Residential Multihoming framework] project is a University of Illinois project from the Systems, Wireless, and Networking Group ther that aims to use idle bandwidth accross multiple boradband connections to increase the last mile throughput. (Read “speed from you to your ISP”) PERM employs automated on-line analysis of the user’s networking behaviors, and exploits the identified patterns to achieve high-performance scheduling at the flow level.

Details are fairly sketchy at this point on the PERM site HERE

But they have both a linux client and a firmware for the Open Source Linux WRT54G which can be obtained HERE

Expect more info from me once I find someone to share bandwidth with.

Boot Camp and PixelanteNation

Hi Everybody!

I know it’s been a long time since my last post and for that I apologize profusely.

But it’s all because my attentions been diverted to a certain extent to an organization I’m trying to help get off the ground. That organization is PixelanteNation it’s tied to the Flowers For Jack post a few down. Basically we’re an organization who’s target is to protect the rights and freedoms of gamers to enjoy the games that we play and for the medium to continue to grow. Please if this sounds like a worthwile cause to you by all means join up at we need supporters badly. So if you can donate or buy PN merch from our store.

The other story for us today is Boot Camp.

boot campBoot camp is Apple’s new aplication that will allow you to install Windows XP on an intel based Mac. This is huge! Make no mistakes however you are on your own once Windows is installed Apple will provide no support for that OS on their hardware but the fact that they’ve gone this far to allow it is incredible. Get the full story at Yahoo News