Multi Platform Developers take on PS3 Vs. 360

This is a fairly comprehensive comparison of the XBOX 360 and the PS3 by a developer who has experience developing for both SONY and Microsoft. Very good read and I highly recommend it for anyone considering buying one either of these 2 systems 

PS3 Justice!

In a courageous line camping operation accomplished their goal of obtaining and gleefully destroying a PS3 in front of a line of horrified SONY hype addicts. I can’t help but think how would it feel to be the first person in the line not to get a PS3 and then see that. I can’t help but think it’s a small piece of payback for sipping the SONY koolaid. Anyways check out the pics and video over at

It’s pure beauty!

SONY PS3 Lanunch day here in North America! Whats the verdict?

Well as you can probably tell from previous posts my say is “DON’T BUY” both for multiple reasons

  1. It’s a ripoff! Price to Fun factor is WAY out of wack.
  2. You’re supporting the MPAA’s quest to take away consumers rights with Blu-Ray
  3. You’re not going to see as many games developed for PS3 as you’ll see for the XBOX 360 or Wii as SONY has traditionally treated developers badly and had crappy dev tools. (see Interview With Nolan Bushnell ) so a lot of them are jumping ship and developing for other systems.

But my great joy of this morning was this article from Time again reiterating my feelings about the PS3 It’s a good read and has a lot of good advice.

“the PS3 simply doesn’t deliver” – Lev Grossman

“SONY Playstation 3 is not worth the hype” article

Another nail in the Sony PS3’s Coffin

Well as many of you may or may not know I have a great distaste (bordering on hatred) of SONY. Don’t get me wrong I used to be a fan but with the declining quality of the SONY products I’ve purchased and the seeming lack of respect for long time customers and fans they’ve pushed me away.
The purpose of this post is to try to enlighten the would be fanboys of why they shouldn’t buy a PS3.

First to get a real impression of people lack of reasoning watch ‘Stuttering Craig’ interview a couple of the line camping mouth breathers waiting for a pre order. Pay special attention to the genius who’s big killer feature is Blu-Ray.

Stuttering Craig

On the subject of Blu-Ray if you’re even considering purchasing a PS3 or any other product that supports Blu-Ray you really need to read this article in ‘Business Week’ about the Extensive anti-consumer DRM your supporting. If you’re not already aware DRM (Digital Rights Management) is schemes that companies use to protect their content bi it music, video etc. Now both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray have AACS which drops the resolution of the picture if the player isn’t connected to a trusted device (HDCP compatible display). But Blu-ray goes far beyond that giving SONY the ability to shut down your player if the encryption is ever broken by anyone anywhere in the world. Read more in the BW article
BusinessWeek Article

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