Folding @ Home

Hi Everybody

Just wanted to push this a little bit. Over on Pixelante World ( we’ve started a Folding @ Home team and I just want to encourage everyone to join up. We’re team 61902

Folding @ Home is working towards a great cause in doing protien folding computations to try and cure diseases like Cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and more. Head over to to get the client and all the details. Hell you can even run it on your PS3 if you have one.

Thanks to everyone who participates.

Review: iFrogz iPod Case

ifrogz logo Anyone that has an iPod knows that an unprotected iPod tends to start looking a little weathered quite quickly.
Personally I’ve been through numerous cases for the various versions I’ve owned and none really seemed to work very well in practise.
Going back the first case I bought was a rudimentary rubber skin type that didn’t cover the screen of the iPod and I noticed soon after I started using it that the screen just appeared to be seeing the brunt of the abuse as due to the lack of a belt clip it would end up in my pocket mashing against my keys, change, cellphone, etc.

After dropping that case by the wayside I decided I needed something that protected the screen and had a belt-clip. With this in mind I procured a black leather case that had a sheet of thin plastic covering the screen area. This worked well for a while but over time I noticed small objects that are prone to carrying a static charge seemed to want to gather behind this clear plastic shield. Introducing the iFrogz iPod Case

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