How-To: Stay anonymous on the web


In the current political climate with the eroding personal privacy rights some of us may want a way to hide our browsing habits from the large entities that like to track those kind of things. It may be due to political oppression, opposition to big media, avoiding giving Google any more data on you in their vast databases or simply to keep the boss from finding out you spend 90% of your day browsing for pr0n. Well there are a variety of tools available to you to achieve this.

The tool I’m going to introduce you to today is a piece of software called JAP (It’s not specified on the site that I can find but I assume it’s short for Java Anonymous Proxy)
JAP is a program written in Java that you can point your web browser to and surf the Internet relatively anonymously.

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Mild Site Redesign

Hello Everybody

As you’ve most likely noticed. I’ve done a mild redesign on I read about an online WordPress theme generator and thought I’d give it a try. The site as you see it now is the result.

Check it out it’s fairly interesting even if you don’t have a WordPress site to update