300+ Tools and Resources For Firefox

Mashable has posted an incredible list of over 300 useful Firefox extensions/tools. If you use Firefox you probably already use a couple on the list but there’s bound to be at least a few new ones you’ll find helpful.
So check it out at the link below
FIREFOX GOD: 300+ Tools and Resources For Firefox

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Streamy Beta

Buzz about Streamy has been making it’s way around the web lately. It’s even been touted as a Digg killer by some. I recently had the good fortune to receive an invite to the closed beta of Streamy.

The first thing we need to get out of the way is the “Digg Killer” moniker. Streamy is by no account even a Digg competitor let alone a killer. Streamy’s all about targeted news.

Streamy Start Page

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Microsofts WGA servers down XP and VISTA validate as counterfeit!


It looks like Micrsft has fixed the problem (a little earlier than they expected)
go here for the info/fix

Validation issues – Microsoft is having WGA server problems. – Speak to us at Microsoft!

DRM and overly zealous copy protection schemes rear their ugly head again. Although there’s no official word from Microsoft yet it appears that the Microsoft WGA (Windows Validation) servers are down which means valid copies of Windows Vista and XP are entering reduced functionality mode with features like Aero and DirectX being disabled when the Operating System phones home to validate.

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Rock Band, new tracklist

I’m starting to get really excited about Rock Band, especially after seeing this track list. It’s now on the definite buy list. Some of my favorite tracks are in here.
Creep, In Bloom, Cherub Rock the list goes on and on.
If you could add any track what would it be. Personally I’d like something from Gorillaz, maybe “Kids with Guns” or “D.A.R.E.” Or Sloan , “Money City Maniacs” would be epic!
Check out the whole list after the jump. Joystiq[via]

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