Gamerscore cheaters get punished and branded

From this is the ultimate in retribution. It looks like gamerscore cheaters are now being publicly shamed on xbox live.

Gamerscore cheaters get punished and branded

Major Nelson sent word that last night that Microsoft has dealt with Gamerscore cheaters with a highly public punishment.

Gamers whom Microsoft targets as being the greatest Gamerscore abusers have just had their Gamerscore wiped to 0. This wipe also prevents abusers from being able to go back and earn Gamerscore from already unlocked achievements, but they’ll still be able to earn new achievements in the future. The best part of this is the fact that all Gamerscore cheaters will now be branded with the mark of shame on their gamercard. Awesome. You can learn more about this and how cheaters are targeted Feel free to taunt the cheaters should you encounter one


(Via Xbox 360 Fanboy.)

Lesson #1 from teh internets

If you’re gonna be a lowlife thief never EVER! steal anything that connects to the internet. And if you do NEVER, NEVER, NEVER try to sell it back to the owner via an xbox live message.

Behold the xbox moron

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Is that website down for everyone or just me?

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