Top 8 reasons I think you should try a Mac

MacBookPro.jpgRecently the time came to replace my aging gaming rig. It was originally built about 5 years ago and over that 5 years I’d upgraded the bejeezus out of it just to keep the new games running reasonably. Well during my planning for a replacement I’d come to the conclusion that it is no longer cost effective for myself to use the PC for Gaming (mainly for the following reason)

a High end Video Card alone would cost me $400 – $700 and I’d need to upgrade this yet again in 6 months to a year.

This made no sense to me when I can buy a PS3 or an Xbox and a year of Xbox Live for around $500 anyways and I won’t need to upgrade those for the life of the system. To make this long tirade short Gaming on the PC is dead to me it’s just not cost effective anymore.

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