15 Reasons Console gaming is killing PC gaming

I read this article on pcworld.com by Matt Peckham on “15 Reasons PC Gaming Beats All” and felt I needed to respond to it. Some of the items were downright wrong especially items 7 and 11 on his list. If you haven’t already check out Matt’s arguments then come back and compare my responses.

Now I was a long time Hardcore PC gamer and in the past couple of years I started to sour on it when I realized how badly components, constant upgrades and time spent tweaking, troubleshooting and repairing was hitting my pocketbook and gaming time.

I’ve since dumped my gaming PC switched to a MacBook Pro for my primary computer and all my gaming is restricted to the 3 current generation consoles (Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii)

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Remove Sticker Residue from Plastic Casing

Today I was doing some idle tidying up and I decided I wanted to clean off the top of my Mac Mini. Months ago I had stuck a post-it note to it and the residue from the adhesive didn’t want to come off. I tried wiping it down with a general purpose cleaner, picking at it for a while but it just wasn’t coming off. I don’t know where it came from but I remembered something about using a normal white pencil eraser to clean off plastic. Well I tracked down a white eraser and just started rubbing at it like it was a pencil mark and sure enough within seconds all the glue residue was gone. This should work for any type of hard plastic like an old MacBook or fith or older generation iPod.