Apple Announces Final Cut X at NAB

The rumor mill has been churning pretty heavy leading up to NAB that Apple would be announcing a new version of their much loved Final Cut video editing suite.

As it turns out the rumors were true and Apple has officially announced Final Cut X which Apple is calling a complete rewrite of the suite bringing full 64-bit compatibility and Grand Central Dispatch integration to take advantage of up to 8 Cores, this is going to come in handy as FCX it capable of dealing with everything from SD video up to 4K formats.

reports are saying that you’ll be able to begin editing during the ingest of your media and FCX moves over silently as it ingests.

Apple’s added Collections and content analysis which will allow you to sort through clips based on things like close-ups, group shots, etc. Easy kework tagging has been added as well.

On the audio front they’ve added automatic audio syncing and a “magnetic” timeline allowing you to move clips around, trim , etc without throwing your audio out of whack.

The best thing of all Final Cut X will be available in the App store in June for only $299 USD. A hefty drop from the current boxed version which is currently $999 USD. Although it remains to be seen if the $299 price will include Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color, and Compressor


[via: TUAW and  Photography Bay ]

Final cut clapboard

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