Quicklook from the Terminal

You may be surprised to know that Leopard includes a command line version of Quick Look called “qlmanage”. If you’re a heavy terminal user like me this is incredibly handy.

I tend to do all my file organizing via the terminal so say I’m copying some jpeg files and I want to make sure they’re the ones I’m interested copying I can type the following command into the terminal to get a Quick Look preview of them all

qlmanage -p ./*.jpg

Which shows me all the .jpg files in my current directory or I could just preview one

qlmanage -p ./image.jpg

If you’re into bash or Perl scripting this opens up all sorts of cool possibilities.

There are also a selection of command line switched aside form the -p (preview) switch. I’ve listed a few of the more useful ones below.

-t                  Show thumbnails of the documents
-s size          Size for the thumbnail
-f factor       Scale factor for the thumbnail

As always if you have any problems, questions, comments or suggestions post them below in the comments section.

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