Wildly Inapropriate Google results [SFW]

Is it just me or is something wrong with Google sometimes. I found myself searching Google to see if it was possible to restart the ALG process on a Juniper SRX router. These are the results that came up. The first 2 pretty normal, expected even, but then it just starts getting weird. 

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Site Redesign

Hi everyone. I’ve decided to do a complete site redesign and simplify things a little bit. I’ve found some renewed interest in keeping this site alive and vibrant in recent weeks and I want to keep it about the content.  I look forward to putting up some quality content on a regular basis again. Please let me know what kind of content you want to see from me, Reviews, Previews, hardware hacks, software hacks, how-to’s, instructional videos or something else I’m not thinking of just let mo know on twitter @liamm


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Top 8 reasons I think you should try a Mac

MacBookPro.jpgRecently the time came to replace my aging gaming rig. It was originally built about 5 years ago and over that 5 years I’d upgraded the bejeezus out of it just to keep the new games running reasonably. Well during my planning for a replacement I’d come to the conclusion that it is no longer cost effective for myself to use the PC for Gaming (mainly for the following reason)

a High end Video Card alone would cost me $400 – $700 and I’d need to upgrade this yet again in 6 months to a year.

This made no sense to me when I can buy a PS3 or an Xbox and a year of Xbox Live for around $500 anyways and I won’t need to upgrade those for the life of the system. To make this long tirade short Gaming on the PC is dead to me it’s just not cost effective anymore.

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“Going down in video game history”

Well said Aaron but not for the reasons you’ve implied. These words were uttered by Aaron Greenberg from the Xbox team over IM to “Godfree” from Gamertag Radio in regards to a surprise announcement that was going to be made in New York today at the Pac-Man World Championships. (See full quote HERE )

Well today the announcement was made as promised and it certainly may go down in history but not in the positive way Aaron portrayed it but as one of the dumbest PR overstatements ever.
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Folding @ Home

Hi Everybody

Just wanted to push this a little bit. Over on Pixelante World (http://www.pixelanteworld.com) we’ve started a Folding @ Home team and I just want to encourage everyone to join up. We’re team 61902

Folding @ Home is working towards a great cause in doing protien folding computations to try and cure diseases like Cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and more. Head over to http://folding.stanford.edu to get the client and all the details. Hell you can even run it on your PS3 if you have one.

Thanks to everyone who participates.