A lot of catchup

I’ve been silent yet again. Sorry. The good news is I’ve been very busy working on the Mustang. It finally made it’s way home back in February and I’ve been working on it pretty much every weekend since. Consider this a catchup post. So I’ll just make a nice list of what’s been done so far

  • Bad Headliner torn out
  • Dash taken down to bare metal, primed and painted hot-rod black
  • Underside, including rear end, driveshaft and diff ground down and painted
  • Trunk ground down and painted
  • New gas tank installed
  • Interior rear panels ground down and painted
  • Wiring sorted out under the hood with a new pigtail and temperature sensor
  • Most of the engine compartment ground down and repainted
  • Underside of the hood ground down and painted
  • Turn signals, breaks lights and headlights all tested (still work to do on reverse)
  • Breaks cleaned, drums painted new lines and pistons (bled and adjusted)
  • Front bumper attached
  • Fuel line blown out and new filter installed
  • Janky fiberglass spoiler and accompanying lifetime supply of bondo removed from the trunk, primed
  • New lock tumbler for the trunk installed
  • Chrome accents for the side scallops removed and holes filled and re-primed
  • Back seat removed floor pan and body ground down and painted

And now the pictures!! This gallery will continue to be updated as I go

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Changing Gears

After a long hiatus from this blog I’ve decided to fire it back up.

However there’s going to be some pretty big changes. I’m going to focus a lot less on the tech side of things. I feel like I want to keep a lot of that at work.

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Back in 24 hours

Sorry everyone. No post today. My Xbox 360 red ring of death ordeal appears to have come to a close today. So I spent most of the day re downloading all my downloadable content to authorize it for the new system Microsoft sent me. Each item must be re-downloaded individually so that’s 154 items in my case that each have to be selected and downloaded again (note that it dosen’t actually re-download them all some of them it appears to just re-authorize) this is complicated further in that Xbox LIVE will only let you queue 6 items for re-download. Needless to say this took a disgusting amount of time and was the cherry on top of the horrific customer service train wreck that this experience has been.

Check back here tomorrow for a brand new post.



POWNCE invites

Hi everybody!

I have several pownce.com invites to give away. But I need to make this interesting.

Here’s what we’ll do Email me your best hack hardware or software I’m talking hack in the form of a cool mod or unique use of software and or hardware. nothing malicious. Send it with pictures if needed or possible to liam.macinnes at gmail dot com by August 1st. And I’ll give the top 6 submissions each a pownce.com invite as well as featuring the hacks on the site.

Good luck everyone.

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