Wildly Inapropriate Google results [SFW]

Is it just me or is something wrong with Google sometimes. I found myself searching Google to see if it was possible to restart the ALG process on a Juniper SRX router. These are the results that came up. The first 2 pretty normal, expected even, but then it just starts getting weird. 

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Free Digital Tech and Hacking Books

As a long time tech geek one of the things I’ve found useful and interesting is technical books. Hacking, Programming, System Administration, Software, Protocols, Operating Systems. Even if I don’t actually work with that particular subject I still enjoy learning about it. Well thanks to hacknmod.com I’ve found a repository of thousands of free digitized tech books. Everything from the PHP Cookbook to Windows XP Annoyances can be found HERE Most of the files are in .pdf format but a few are in .chm and a couple in .html. Hacknmod.com also points us to another repository of knowledge HERE

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