Back from FragMart 2004

Well FragMart 2004 is now over. But I must say a good time was had by all from the guys who came in on Thursday and played on a locked CS server for 4 hours then left never to return. To all of us who enjoyed a Ridiculous Half-Life MOD called “Battlegrounds”. The scaled down FragMart was an overall KickAss time. I Eagerly await next year in which it will most likely return to it’s original size barring any higher priorities taking the time of the Organizers. I wanna thank all the guys at [RnP], Veovis, Geezer and MrLuigi you guys kick ass.
Well … I got some pictures but the room was dim all day so that we wouldn’t get reflections on our monitors so some of the pictures didn’t turn out or had to be HEAVILY enhanced. FragMart 2004 Pics

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