Bionic Commando – Debut Trailer – Bionic Commando – Debut Trailer

Nostalgia sells. And Bionic Commando has HUGE nostalgia value for anyone who grew up in the NES era like I did. Bionic Bionic CommandoCommando was quite original for it’s time being that it was one of very few platformers in which you couldn’t jump (Which is where the bionic arm came in). The game was actually called “Top Secret: Hitler’s Revival” when it was originally released for the NES in Japan and was abound with Nazi imagery going so far as to have the Final Boss be Adolf Hitler. In the version released to the English speaking world The final boss was changed to “Master D” and the swastika was replaced with an Albatross logo.

The new-Gen version seem to keeps a little style from the original while severely updating it. Personally I wish they’d toned down Ladd Spencer’s bionic arm from what’s seen in the trailer. From the gameplay we see in the video it seems similar to the Spider-Man games of recent years. The game looks gorgeous (I’ve always been a sucker for the urban post-apocalyptic scenery though) with lots of background detail. If the gameplay’s even halfway decent then this will probably find it’s way onto my shelf for nostalgia purposes if nothing else.

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