Cider the death of Windows as the De-Facto gaming platform?

I sure hope so. As a Linux user I dread the time consuming process of booting back into windows to play my favorite games. I’ve tried things like wine and Transgamings Cedega but as these things usually go it ends up requiring too much forum browsing or fiddling to get them to work just right and you usually take either a performance hit or a visual quality hit. Well Transgaming has announced a new product marketed at developers and publishers called Cider.

cider logoWhat cider is is a development tool that from what I’ve read encapsulates (and/or compiles) the windows source into a Intel Mac Friendly package. The way it’s described in the press release is as follows

Cider works by directly loading a Windows program into memory on an Intel-Mac and linking it to an optimized version of the Win32 APIs. Games are simply wrapped up in the Cider engine and they work on the Mac.”

My questions are one “What’s the performance hit over the native Windows version?” two “When is Transgaming going to team up with someone to give us a demo of what Cider can do?” and finally “Will there be any hit to graphical features like there currently is in Cedega like unsupported versions of pixel shader, etc”

The big draw to me in this announcement is this one line in the press release

Another great benefit is that games migrated to Intel Mac using Cider will also run on Linux under Cedega, forging a path to another game hungry market.

Again my questions above come back to question here. Are the games going to be at least NEAR native on Linux under Cedega or will they be much better than they do currently.

If anyone at transgaming can get me any more info or would like to answer some questions get a hold of me at “info at liamm dot com”

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