“Going down in video game history”

Well said Aaron but not for the reasons you’ve implied. These words were uttered by Aaron Greenberg from the Xbox team over IM to “Godfree” from Gamertag Radio in regards to a surprise announcement that was going to be made in New York today at the Pac-Man World Championships. (See full quote HERE )

Well today the announcement was made as promised and it certainly may go down in history but not in the positive way Aaron portrayed it but as one of the dumbest PR overstatements ever.

What ended up being announced wad “Pac-Man the remakeChampionship Edition” an XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) title thats going to cost you a whopping 800 pts!! (roughly $10) Hardly earth shattering. Besides the “first new Pac-Man maps in 27 years” and some mild graphical improvements there’s really no cool new features not even multi-player which is considered a staple to many Xbox gamers.

The sad part of this for Microsoft and the Live team is that this could have been a nice title taken on its own as a normally added XBLA title. What kills it and is driving a massive outpouring of negative comments is the level of hype that was generated by Xbox PR people (namely Aaron Greenberg) overstating the importance of this announcement. Hopefully Microsoft will do a better job of policing their PR people in future to make sure that this kind of disappointment doesn’t keep occurring.

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