Use your PS3, USB Webcam and PSP to monitor your living room

Your PS3 has a secret identity, by day it delights you with Blu-ray movies and HD Video Games. But when you’re not there your PS3 is watching over your living room. Or at least it could be if you want it to. What we’ll have at the end of this article is the ability to check out what’s happening in our living room live via a PSP wherever we have a wifi connection.

Here’s what we need

  1. A Playstation 3
  2. A webcam that’s compatible with the PS3 (I used an Xbox LIVE vision Cam)
  3. A PSP
  4. An internet connection hooked up to the PS3
  5. A wifi connection wherever you are with your PSP

Now this is pretty easy. The first thing we need to do is connect the web cam to one of the PS3’s usb ports.

Once that’s done start up your PS3 and configure remote play to work with your PSP (Your PSP is Registered under Settings -> Remote Play), also make sure that your camera is recognized under Settings -> Accessory Settings -> Camera Settings and that Remote Start is on under Settings -> Remote Play.

Now turn your PS3 off and fire up your PSP (Make sure the WiFi switch is turned on) We want to go to Remote Play under the Network menu. If you’re away from your home network select “Connect Via Internet” otherwise select “Connect via Private Network” You’ll now be prompted to select the WiFi network to use. Select the appropriate one (e.g., Your home WiFi network if you’re at home)

You should either be prompted for your Playstation Network ID or your PS3 main screen should now be up. If you’re prompted for you Playstation Network ID sign in with it here. Otherwise navigate to Friends -> start chat. It will take a couple seconds for the chat application to load up but once it does go to Chat Settings and select “Camera On”.

That’s it! Easy as that you should see a live view of your living room (Or wherever else you put your camera/PS3) If you’re using the PS3 Exe Toy and have sound redirected to your PSP you should even get live audio from the camera as well.


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