Busy Week

Well ….. Sorry noones heard from me but I’ve been holed up in my windowless room in the dark playing Doom 3. And I gotta say it kicks some serouous llama ASS! This game looks good even at 640×480 (what it put me at by default) but runs playably well on my system [AMD Athlon 2800+, 1GB of DDR Ram, and GeForce FX 5200] at 800×600 at the “High” setting (no AA or AF though) . This is the first game that has ever truly scared me. There is no describing this experience but I highly suggest you 1. Go out and buy the game. 2. Turn off all the lights in the room. 3. Get your surround sound turned way up. 4. Make sure you have a fresh pair of “Adult Undergarments” securly in place. 5. Have one of the greatest gaming experiences ever!

Other things that happened this week….. hmm…. not many good things

1. My wife sustained first and second degree burns to her hands after spilling boiling water on them in a dinner preperation mishap so Her myself and a friend of ours got to spend the evening in the lovely hospital emergency room….joy…joy…
Good news is her hands appear to be healing pretty well.

2. The store that shall remain unnamed (rhymes with “Crest Spy”) that I got my Doom 3 preorder at didn’t seem to have any copies for me on the release date …. WTF DID I PREORDER FOR???!!!
Luckily I was able to actually return my preorder and purchase it elsewhere where it was in stock!

Hopefully next week will be better ……

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