Changing Gears

After a long hiatus from this blog I’ve decided to fire it back up.

However there’s going to be some pretty big changes. I’m going to focus a lot less on the tech side of things. I feel like I want to keep a lot of that at work.

I still plan to post the occasional sick shell script or cool tool. But don’t expect any super in depth howto’s or anything.

I will be writing a lot more about my non-tech related projects ( which often end up having a nerdy high-tech slant added to them over time ).

So expect to see a bit of a Work Log of the 1965 Mustang I’m going to start restoring in the next few months (hopefully). And the trials and tribulations I have maintaining and customizing my 2003 Honda Spirit Motorcycle.

Writing is cathartic for me so this blog is an exercise in self-therapy but I do greatly value the opinion of anyone who reads this so comment on my posts let me know what’s interesting and what’s not as I muddle through over the next few years.

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I'm a self labeled Nerd who enjoys Playing Video Games, restoring classic muscle cars (i have a 65' Mustang in the works) , Running Big Data Clusters, Tattoos, Working on System Automation, Riding and customizing Motorcycles, and writing python Code. I'm an SRE with DemonWare/Activision Specializing in Big Data/Hadoop operations but all opinions and views expressed on this site are solely my own.