I’m BACK!!!

Well that sucked we were down for a grand total of 74 hours and my ISP never fixed the problem thanks in no part to them I fixed it. And heres the whole story

Thursday the 19th there was a pretty powerful thunderstorm. I came home from seeing Revenge of the Sith @ 1:00 AM to find no internet (There had been a power surge at the movie from the storm and they had to restart the movie) I assumed it was problems due to a line out or damage from lightning so I waited until the next morning to call Telus (my provider) being that I had a business hosting package I assumed I would have no trouble getting my connection fixed.

Boy was I wrong…….

1st call [noon Friday]: Normal 1st level troubleshooting (is your modem plugged in, computer setup correctly, modems/routers/hubs rebooted, etc) After going through all this (needlessly as I’m a helpdesk worker myself so I’d done all this already) I was assured that it would be passed on to their 2nd level support I thanked the tech and hung up.

2nd call [5:00pm Friday]: I called asking for a status update on my connection (I was calling from work and still couldn’t contact my machines. I was told that the 2nd level techs thought they had fixed it (aparently they boosted the signal to my location) and to reboot everything and see if I got connected. I called and got someone to reboot my equipment and still nothing.

3rd call [5:40pm Friday]: I called back to advise them that there was still no joy. However this tech wanted me to walk through all the first level troubleshooting again. After a few times on hold we got back on track and he advised it would AGAIN be forwarded to their 2nd level support.

4th call [~2:00pm Sunday]: I called again to get a status update as I’ve now been down for 48 hours since my first call to them and in my opinion this is NOT business level tech support (which they claim as an advantage of the package I subscribe to) This tech advised me that again the 2nd level thought they had it solved and walked me through some 1st level troubleshooting which (no suprise here) failed. Still no connection. So this tech said “ok well lets schedule a service call for you how’s the 27th?” (sic) well that was where I lost it the 27th is 5 days away and theres no guarantee that that will solve my problem (at least thats what I’m thinking now.) After trying to negotiate an earlier date with this tech (which I know is futile he dosen’t have the power to bump me to the top of the list) I asked if I could speak to a supervisor. Now you’re going to love this to speak with a supervisor they take your name and advise you the supervisor will contact you within 24-48 hours…….. I’m stunned just stunned at this.

As I’m writing this I’ve already solved the problem and have not heard from the supervisor (it’s only been 11 hours so who knows).

What the problem appears to be is that when the lightning created the power surge I witnessed at the theatre. It did the same with my servers and the only piece of equipment effected was the DSL modem [which my provider does not even tell people is accessable via a web based gui] it seems to have reverted to the default config (which does not appear to be what my provider uses). Well after a bit of research it appeared that an interface was missing. Sure enough after adding this interface I was up and running. [SARCASM]Nice to know their tech support knows that this is something that can happen and how to diagnose and fix it.[/SARCASM]

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