Google Wave First Impressions

I was lucky enough to receive a Google Wave invitation in the second round of invites google sent out.

After the initial excitement of being one of the lucky invitees wore off I lent a more critical eye to what Google’s touted as an Email replacement.

So far to me it’s looking a lot like a combination of Instant Messenger, MySpace, IRC and WhiteBoard. I’m not seeing the Email replacement so far for one reason and one reason only. There’s no way to add someone to a wave without adding them to your contact list (At least that I’ve found so far in my incessant searching).

To me this is a deal breaker for an Email replacement, especially if you send a lot of messages to people once and then never need to contact them again. I can see the contact list getting WAY out of control. Hopefully this will be changed in the final release.

Other than that I can see Wave being incredibly useful for anything that requires a lot of back and forth or collaboration.

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Chrome OS revolutionary or ridiculous

The big news the past couple weeks has been the announcement that Google is working on a lightweight OS named “Chrome OS” which Google hopes to have widely adopted for NetBook use. Google wants to do to the OS what they did to the browser with Chrome. In their words go back to basics they want the OS to be speedy simple and secure. The idea is that users won’t have to deal with viruses, malware and security updates. Sounds good right?

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Hack your Brother InkJet printer cartridges

Hi everyone today I happened to need to use my printer (amazing how infrequently I need it these days). And just my luck it wouldn’t print because it claimed the magenta and cyan cartridges were low/empty. That’s all well and nice but I’m printing a page of text no magenta or cyan in sight never mind that I can clearly see the cartridges aren’t anywhere near empty.

After rooting around in the printer for a minute with a flashlight I realized that it’s actually using a sensor to basically look into the side of the cartridge and see what level the ink is at. As a complete turnaround in my luck the first thing I tried actually managed to foil the sensor. I placed a piece of black electrical tape over the semi-transparent side of the cartridges. Lo and behold after placing them back in the printer asked if I had replaced them and through a brilliant piece of social engineering I managed to lie to my printer with a straight face and answer “yes” Now my printer is printing again (in full color I might add) and I don’t have to spend $60+ on new color ink to print my page of text.

If you have any questions, corrections or comments please leave them below in the comments.

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Push Email on your iPhone for free

One of the great advantages of having an Exchange server is that you can use ActiveSync to push emails to your iPhone ( or other ActiveSync enabled device).

This means that emails will show up on your iPhone almost as soon as they arrive in your mail providers Inbox.

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15 Reasons Console gaming is killing PC gaming

I read this article on by Matt Peckham on “15 Reasons PC Gaming Beats All” and felt I needed to respond to it. Some of the items were downright wrong especially items 7 and 11 on his list. If you haven’t already check out Matt’s arguments then come back and compare my responses.

Now I was a long time Hardcore PC gamer and in the past couple of years I started to sour on it when I realized how badly components, constant upgrades and time spent tweaking, troubleshooting and repairing was hitting my pocketbook and gaming time.

I’ve since dumped my gaming PC switched to a MacBook Pro for my primary computer and all my gaming is restricted to the 3 current generation consoles (Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii)

Read on for the full list

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