Asterisk@Home 2.0 Released

The group responsible for the popular open source PBX Asterisk@Home has just dropped version 2.0 on us. Still no notice on their page but it’s up for download on their sourceforge page here

Features are listed as followed.

version 2.0 – 11/23/05

* Asterisk 1.2
* Flash Operator Panel 0.24
* Festival Speech Engine version 1.96
* weather agi scripts
* wakeup calls
* Integrated WebMeetMe GUI
* AMP-1.10.010
* CentOS 4.2
* SugarCRM with Cisco XML Services interface + Click to Dial
* Native Music On Hold
* Fax support (spanDSP)
* xPL support
* Digium card auto-config
* Open A2Billing

For full release notes go HERE

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