EtherPEG & Accessing your iTunes Share from a remote location

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The first thing I have to show you today ia a piece of software for all you Apple Hackers out there it’s called EtherPEG ( what it does is in similar fashon to a packet sniffer it watches any traffic that passes by the computer running it and displays any unencrypted images (jpeg/gif) that it sees. This is especially useful and effective on wireless networks.

You can download EtherPEG HERE

iTunes over SSH

If youve ever been at a remote location and felt the need to access your home music library you’re in luck. It’s actually VERY simple.

What we-re going to do is tunnel the iTunes daap protocol over ssh.

What You’ll need

  • SSH server (preferably OpenSSH it’s standard on most *nix variants and OS X) if you’re using windows you can use the following link for info on how to get it running. OpenSSH for Windows
  • iTunes (with library sharing turned on) or a linux daapd server (as described in one of my previous how-to’s HERE )
  • a nice piece of software called RendezvousProxy (This comes in a OS X, Windows or Java version) Install the version for your os and put a copy of the java version on your thumbdrive.
  • Now heres what you do

    1. Get your iTunes started up and sharing (or your daapd server)
    2. Get your ssh Server up and running
    3. Open ports 22 (ssh) and 3689 (iTunes/daapd) on your router if you’re using one
    4. Install RendezvousProxy on your client computer (the one you want to connect to your iTunes library from
    5. Open RendezvousProxy and click “add host” and use the following settings
    -ip address =
    -port = 3689
    -host label = (you can enter anything here)
    -service name = (again anything you want)
    -service type = _daap._tcp. (iTunes)

    6. Now there are 2 ways to go here if you use *nix or OS X then follow A) if you use (ugh) Windows go with method B)

    A) open a terminal window and type “ssh -L 3689:localhost:3689 yourusername@yourserverip

    B) Open your ssh client of choice and setup local forwarding for port 3689 for localhost:3689 and connect to your server

    7. Once connected you sould be able to open up iTunes on your client machine and see your home music collection as a shared playlist.

    Cred goes to where I learned how to do this

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