Free SkypeOut dialing hack

Free SkypeOut dialing hack

Yes you too can get free skypeout calls! Just like everything else thats free from good old internet it involves exposing yourself to advertising. 1-800 calls from skype are (as on most other services) free so by making use of 1-800-free411 you bypass paying for the call. Here’s what you do.

  • Use skype to dial 1-800-FREE411
  • Tell the voice recognition at the ther end the city and party you want to connect to
  • You will then get to listen to an advertisement
  • You will then be connected with your party having not used any skypeout minutes

Now as with anything this isn’t without it’s caveats, and here they are

  • You have to use a voice recognition system 🙁
  • You can only call people or businesses listed in the database (currently limited to the USA)
  • You have to deal with advertising

But if you’re in a pinch with no skypeout minutes available this can be a life saver.
Cheers to Mr Tom Keating over at VoIP blog for figuring this out

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