G3 iPod Battery Replacement

My G3 iPod has seen it’s battery life degrade like a corpse in summer over the past little while.

Pod Battery

So I decided I’d try my hand at replacing the battery. Now I’m an impatient sort so being that there was a local retailer who had batteries in stock (Energizer) I decided to go and pick one up instead of ordering a kit online. Now the drawback I found with this was the lack of supplied tools to pry the iPod open with. Most kit’s purchased online will provide some sort of plastic pry tool that is designed to not damage your iPod when prying it open. Well I had to make do with a Jewelers screwdriver (Just a very small flathead screwdriver).

Now this is what you’ll need

  1. Pry tool (in my case a screwdriver)
  2. Battery (Energizer G3 iPod battery for my install)
  3. Flat clean work surface

Now before you start anything just a warning. Anytime your working on something like this you have the potential to do un repairable damage to the device. So be careful and take all available precautions.

Now step one is to get the iPod open

pry point

What you need to do is use your pry tool or screwdriver to carefully push in at he seam roughly even with the center of the “i” in the word iPod on the back of the device. One you have it started slowly and carefully work the tool around the seam until the whole backing is separated. Be cautious as the backing is still connected by a cable to the main board (gently disconnect this). Now relax the hard part is over.
Now we need to remove the hard drive.

ipod 2 piecesTo do this I found the best way is to pull up from the top (as pictured) making sure you keep it all together in the blue casing. Note that the casing will seem to stick a little don’t worry too much about that it’s normal. Once we get near the bottom you’ll notice their is a piece of what looks like copper foil holding the hard drive to the main board. This is the data cable for the drive, what you have to do is ipod drive coming outcarefully pull that whole foil piece away from the main board it should snap away.

Now with the drive safely out we can see our target, the battery.

The battery is fairly easy to remove it’s attached by one connector at the bottom right of the board. The one quirk to this is that the wires are tucked under the board. I found that I could unplug the connector and slip the wires around the side of the board to get it out. If that doesn’t work you may have to get something small to help push them around. 3 pieces

We’re almost there!

Now we just have to place and plug in the replacement battery. Make sure that when you do this you again slip the battery wires under the mainboard before plugging them in.

Next step is to replace the hard drive to do that you have to line up the connectors on the bottom left and apply even pressure until they click into place. After getting the hard disk back into place all we have to do is place the back cover back on so we reattach the cable for the jacks on the backing on the top right and carefully snap it back into place.

That’s it we’re all done! For the increase in battery life for anyone willing to open up their iPod this is extremely worthwhile. I was getting less than 5 hours and now I see between 8 and 9 (haven’t fully tested it yet).

Good luck to everyone on this one

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