Games Knoppix 3.7-0.2 released

The Three Kings Release of Games Knoppix (v3.7-0.2) is ready for download (In both Gernman and English versions).Get it via bittorrent here or via ftp and http. This Live CD includes many linux games such as Xgalaga, Scorched3D, Nethack, FreeCiv BzFlag and More (read the full article for complete list.)

Thanks to “GEEK OUT” for finding this distro.

* Marble Blast Gold Demo (OpenGL)
* Mutant Storm Demo (OpenGL)
* Space Tripper Demo (OpenGL)
* Think Tanks Demo (OpenGL)
* Ufo AI (XMas Special) (OpenGL)
* Asciijump
* Atanks
* Bzflag (OpenGL)
* Bzflag-Server
* Crack-Attack (OpenGL)
* Crimson
* Crossfire-Client-GTK
* Crossfire-Client-X11
* Cube
* Empire
* Enigma
* Foobillard (OpenGL)
* Freeciv-Client
* Freeciv-Client-GTK
* Freeciv-Server
* Freesci
* Gltron (OpenGL)
* Gnuchess
* Gnugo
* Jump’n’Bump
* Kbattleship
* Kmahjongg
* Kobodeluxe
* Ksokoban
* Lbreakout2
* Lgeneral
* Nethack-Console
* Nethack-Gnome
* Nethack-Lisp
* Nethack-Qt
* Nethack-X11
* Netpanzer (OpenGL)
* Neverball (OpenGL)
* Pysol
* Scorched3d (OpenGL)
* Tower Toppler
* Battle for Wesnoth
* Battle for Wesnoth Editor
* Battle for Wesnoth Server
* Xarchon
* Xblast
* Xblast-TNT
* Xboing
* Xgalaga
* Xskat
* Xsoldier

For games marked with (OpenGL), you will need hardware acceleration in order to play them. I included 2.4.28 and 2.6.10 Kernels, but the nvidia driver is not working with 2.6.10.

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