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In the current political climate with the eroding personal privacy rights some of us may want a way to hide our browsing habits from the large entities that like to track those kind of things. It may be due to political oppression, opposition to big media, avoiding giving Google any more data on you in their vast databases or simply to keep the boss from finding out you spend 90% of your day browsing for pr0n. Well there are a variety of tools available to you to achieve this.

The tool I’m going to introduce you to today is a piece of software called JAP (It’s not specified on the site that I can find but I assume it’s short for Java Anonymous Proxy)
JAP is a program written in Java that you can point your web browser to and surf the Internet relatively anonymously.

 The first step is to Download JAP for your operating system. They currently have  stable versions for Windows, OS X, OS/2, *nix and an Alpha version of a Firefox plug-in.

To install the Windows and OS X versions simply download the executable and double click the file.

To install the *nix version first find out what version (if any) of Java you have installed by opening a terminal window and typing “java -version” This should return the current Java version installed on your system. Now download the version of JAP that is closest to what you have on your system.  create a folder for JAP in your home folder by typing “mkdir ~/JAP” and move the JAP.jar file you downloaded to that folder. You can now start the JAP which upon the initial launch will run a setup wizard (simply follow the instructions in this wizard) by typing “java -jar JAP.jar” from the JAP folder you created earlier.

Now to make use of the JAP application you have to setup your browser to use it as a proxy.

To do this in Firefox
go to “Preferences” then the “Advanced” icon then click the “Network” tab then the “Settings” button. This screen titled “Connection Settings” will allow you to point your browser to JAP. Currently the “Direct connection to the Internet” radio button should be clicked, Change this to “Manual proxy configuration” you’ll notice that the text boxes below light up now. In the “HTTP Proxy” box enter in “” and in the “Port” box enter “4001” Now after verifying that the “Use this proxy server for all protocols” box is checked off and  that the “No Proxy for” box contains “localhost,” click “OK” then “Close” All right now one important thing to note is that in this state If you turn off JAP or it stops running for any reason you’ll need to switch the settings we just changed back to “Direct connection to the Internet” otherwise you won’t be able to access the Internet.

To do this in Internet Explorer

Click on “tools” then “Options” (or “Internet Options” depending on the version). We then need to click on the “Connections” tab and finally the “LAN Settings” button. On this screen we’ll then check the box titled “Use a proxy server for your LAN” once this is done the “Address” box will light up. In the “Address” box we need to enter in “” and in the “Port” box we need to enter in “4001” also check off the “Bypass proxy server for local addresses” box.  now click “OK” then “OK” again and we’re pretty much done. Again one important thing to note is that in this state If you turn off JAP or it stops running for any reason you’ll need to go back and uncheck “Use a proxy server for your LAN” otherwise you won’t be able to access the Internet.

Now you’re all setup and ready to go.  Go to a website like , or and they should show your IP address has changed.

Now you can make turning this on and off easier with one of the many proxy management plug-ins for Firefox. Personally I use “FoxyProxy” but there are several others.

Watch for my next post on another method of anonymity online, Relakks a darknet VPN

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