MacWorld SF 2005 Announcements

Well another MacWord but not just any announcements. This year Apple delivered the highly anticipated Intel Mac’s staring with the iMac sporting a spiffy new Intel Core Duo that preforms 2-3X faster than the old G5 chip (Steve reports that prices will remain the same) The new intel iMac also reportedly includes an ATI x1600 graphics card.

intel iMac

The other big announcement hardware wise is the death of the powerbook line. Don’t worry it’s being replaced by the MacBook Pro. a 5.6lb notebook that’s 4-5x faster than the old powerbook G4 machines. It has a magnetic power adapter to prevent dragging the notebook off of a table when charging (it just detaches), it is also equiped with an IR sensor, iSight, Front Row and is a hair thinner than the 17″ powerbook;

667 DDR intel macbook
ATI x1600 Graphics card.

$1999 (USD)1.67GHz.
$2499 (USD)1.83GHz.

MacBook AppleStore

iMac Applestore

Other announcements include a remote/fm reciever for the iPod, iLife ’06 including iDVD and iWeb, updates to .mac and bringing Tiger to 10.4.4. for all the other announcements

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