Multiplayer PSP with only 1 copy of the game

This reportedly does not work with Wipeout Pure


The following hack was posed by 1204 over at see the original thread HERE

This hack will let you play multiplayer PSP games with only 1 copy (tested with Tony Hawk Underground Remix)

2 people
2 psps
one copy of thug(tony hawks underground)

Step One
Person A creates game in wifi

Step Two
A presses open, chooses not to quit game

Step Three
Person B loads game up, joins A’s game

Step four
Both Psp’s freeze

Step five
thug is taken out of persons b’s and placed into persons A’s, B chooses not to quit game

step six
A takes game out, gives it to B, chooses not to quit.

And thier you have it, thug with only one copy of the game. Pretty sweet eh? My bro and i just played a game, and seeing as i dont own a copy i had to figure out a way we both could play. Also works for single, just more annoying! Please tell me if you have seen this ANYWHERE else(unless you know it says 1204 as the poster, then its me, and i already know i posted it). I have not seen it post on any board yet so enjoy. Also if anything is unclear at all tell me about it.

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