New Video Card

Yesterday on my way home from work I purchased my new video Card. The ASUS GeForce 6800 Gamers Edition. At first appearances this seems to be a simple GeForce 6800 With The DDR3 (vs DDR1) of the GT/ULTRA models and OC’d to the Speed of the GT. After inspecting some of the documentation it appears that this IS a GT card as It has 16 pipes like the GT/ULTRA models instead of the 12 pipe configuration that the plain old 6800 non-GT/ULTRA card uses. I’m going to do some tests to confirm this later this week. (I’ll post the results here)

As for the performance of the card …. it’s KILLER!!! I’ll get some benchmarks and post the results here later this week as well.

[To see the card follow the following link or click on the title of this post]

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