On demand streaming music server!

Now today kids we’re going to setup a “DAAP” server (read iTunes music server) and use some pretty portable player software. This will allow you to share your music with all other users using iTunes or the clients listed below over a LAN.

Get all the details on how I set this up below!

Part 1 Setup your Media server.

    Ok for this step we’re going to use a Linux server to store our music library

    • Linux box running SAMBA
    • Some time and patience

    Step 1.
    Place all your music in folder and share it through samba

    Step 2.
    Get DAAP this can be done a few ways you can get a package from the deleet.de daap page or if you’re lucky enough to be using Gentoo Linux as I was type emerge daapd

    at a shell prompt.

    Step 3.
    Once thats all done you’re going to have to modify the daapd.conf file to suit your system. It should look something like below

    $ cat /etc/daapd.conf
    Port 3689
    ServerName Jukebox <---type a name for your media server here
    DBName daapd music <--type a database name for your server
    Password <-- if you want to password your music enter one here
    Root /mnt/storage/mp3 <---- this should point to your folder of music
    Cache /var/spool/daapd/cache <--don't touch this
    Timescan 2 <---or this
    Rescan 0 <---or this

    Step 4.

    Once that’s all done we’re almost ready to start our server.
    Now to start the broadcaster so that your client learns how to get to your music type mDNSResponder
    then to start daapd type daapd & the “&” tells daapd to run in the background.

    Conclusion Part 1.

    That’s it the servers up and running now! If you use Apple OS X or Windows and iTunes you can fire up iTunes and you sould see your Shared music (Assuming you got everything setup ok.

Part 2 Playing your media on any JAVA capable system.

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