One Button Mice….. Why?

I found this article on

it’s written by Andru over at Andrew points out the method to Apples apparent madness. And strikes a few chords with me. In particular the Tech Support example he provides (this happens all too often. I work on a helpdesk belive me I know)
And as someone who uses multiple platforms (Linux, Windows and Mac OS) on a regular basis. I agree with Andru’s frustration with the Mac Oblivious masses that fail to make the connection that you can use another mouse on a Mac. And seem to think that just because a crappy 1 button mouse ships with Apple computers that means that you CANNOT use anything more and I must be some sort of magician or harcore electronics/software modder to make my old (microsoft of all things) 2 button scrollwheel mouse work on my iBook.

Full article HERE

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