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This is one cool project.

Most of us seen the persistence of vision projects and hacks out there on the internet lately. For those who haven’t Persistence of vision is the phenomenon that allows us to watch movies or the old school flipbooks we drew as kids. In essence our eye retains any image it sees for a few moments after the image has changed. Well Rickard Gunée has devised a video game system using a mechanical LED based POV display. It’s amazing to see this thing in action as the images appear to float in mid air.

Rickards system is composed of 5 main components. the first is the led array that “paints” the image. This is in turn connected to a graphics card and balance weight by an arm that is spun by the motor. This is all connected to the “brain” of the system the game controller to which the joystick and power supply are attached.

So far there are 4 applications/games for this system




RS232 Display

All the schematics and code for this system can be found at Rickards site www.rickard.gunee.com

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