PSP Cracked?

It looks like we may have unsigned code on 1.5 and possibly 1.51 PSP’s soon. By all apearances a buffer overflow attack has been discovered that uses the “must update” EBOOT.PBP file. Magnus the Shadow has modified it in such a way as to act like a boot loader for homebrew software.

Here’s what he told
The .sfo file (PARAM FILE) in the .pbp can be altered to become a loader, but this can only be done through ELF scripting (Which I can’t exactly do). Once an ELF loader is written and replaces the You need to update window section of text i believe a Homebrew app can be run. most likely candidate to is the app Turbo Grafx 16, which will allow us launch other homebrew apps from the PSP!

This “loader” aparently makes no changes to your PSP.
To use it you must download the files from HERE
then place the file on your MSDUO under “PSP\GAME\HACK” then rename the .pbp to eboot.pbp


Go to the Game menu on your PSP then to Memory Stick and
Execute the file, you’ll receive an error message that the file is corrupted (that’s normal) press “O” then
press “X” it will then bring up the “you must update the ver.” window.

Even if this does turn out to be of no help in cracking the PSP here’s a quote from the Team Xecuter site (link)

We are not planning on making any kind of chip for the PSP – we dont think it will even need one – any hack we do will be free and given to the scene, solely because we like the PSP as a handheld and its a challenge. But let’s say it did need some kind of hardware hack – you’d still complain ? i wouldn’t think so.

Our current work involves busting the firmware – the firmware dumper is already working and there has good progress been made in booting games and also homebrew on different firmware versions (v1.5 etc). We are giving support and advice to other underground teams as well as receiving help ourelves – its an excellent “group” effort without anyone actually knowing about who or what is involved. Apologies if the odd spoiler we throw your way freaks one or two minds

Thanks to and for this info and thanks to Magnus the Shadow for discovering this

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