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ifrogz logo Anyone that has an iPod knows that an unprotected iPod tends to start looking a little weathered quite quickly.
Personally I’ve been through numerous cases for the various versions I’ve owned and none really seemed to work very well in practise.
Going back the first case I bought was a rudimentary rubber skin type that didn’t cover the screen of the iPod and I noticed soon after I started using it that the screen just appeared to be seeing the brunt of the abuse as due to the lack of a belt clip it would end up in my pocket mashing against my keys, change, cellphone, etc.

After dropping that case by the wayside I decided I needed something that protected the screen and had a belt-clip. With this in mind I procured a black leather case that had a sheet of thin plastic covering the screen area. This worked well for a while but over time I noticed small objects that are prone to carrying a static charge seemed to want to gather behind this clear plastic shield. Introducing the iFrogz iPod Case

Recently my wife ordered me a case from The iFrogz case comes in 3 parts that come together to give total protection to your iPod.

The first part they call “Wrapz” it’s the main shell of the case and is made from 100% silicone. This piece has openings for the click wheel the screen and other iPod orifices like the dock connector, headphone jack and the hold button. in addition to this it has a threaded hole on the back into which you screw the attachment for the belt clip.

The second component to the iFrogz case is called “Bandz”. It looks like a large thick rubber band. Eventually it is. it is again a band of 100% silicone that fits into a groove around the centre of the “Wrapz” portion and covers up the hold button and dock connector. The band has a fitted hole for the headphone jack that through my testing works well with most modern headphones. Headphones or connectors that have an overly large plastic sheath may cause you problems as this hole is designed to fit snugly around the Apple ear-buds. Note that none of the headphones I was able to try had any problems fitting.

The final piece of the iFrogz puzzle is what they refer to as “Screenz”. I’m sure a lot of you have seen these before. It’s a fitted piece of thin transparent plastic that lays over the whole front of your iPod to protect it from scratches. iFrogz includes a small tool that you run over the surface of this plastic after applying to remove any bubbles. With the “Screenz” you also get a sticker that is intended to be put over the click wheel of the iPod Now I know feelings on the aesthetic of this may vary but I ended up using it.

Now this is a 3 part case so you need to make sure these items go together in order. So first you want to apply the Screenz. The plastic is a little difficult to line up accurately as it is exactly the size of the iPod itself you have to force yourself to remember perfection is not necessary as the remainder of the case will cover any imperfections. Now you need to push out the air bubbles with the soft tool provided. Now the problem i ran into was that no matter how hard I tried I could not get the large air bubble out from above the click wheel I initially wasn’t going to use the click wheel sticker but with the air bubble in place it looked horrible so I put on the click wheel sticker to hide it. Another item of note is how well is the click wheel going to work with a layer of plastic and a layer of sticker over top of it. Wall the answer is perfectly. To my astonishment there was no difference in the the feel or sensitivity of the click wheel with the Screenz and sticker applied.

After you have the Screenz applied to your satisfaction you then need to slip the iPod into the Wrapz portion of the case. I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail as this was completely painless the Wraps is flexible enough to make this fairly idiot proof. (Please do not try to prove me wrong then email me about it). Once you have the iPod in the Wrapz simply stretch the Bandz around the edge of the iPod making sure the headphone opening is lined up correctly and you have the ridge on the Bandz sitting snugly in the groove on the Wrapz. You now have a completely protected iPod. Overall this is the best iPod case I’ve used to date and is definitely highly recommended.

iFrogz case 1

Good Points

  • Great feel on the silicone it doesn’t gather too much dust or random particles.
  • Stylish design. Great selection of colours lets you keep it low key or get as colourful as you want. And you can mix and match part colours
  • Very rugged feeling. I haven’t thrown my iPod at walls or anything to test it but it inspires more confidence than other cases I’ve used
  • Maintains the great controls and tactile feel of the iPod interface while still protecting the click wheel

Bad Points

  • Trouble getting the air bubbles out from the click wheel area
  • Some 3rd party headphones may not work with the Bandz if the size of the plug varies too much
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