Ultimate portable covert Hacking device – Part 2

Stealth MAC is an absolute necessity if you’re going to be doing anything subversive from your iPod/iPhone every network enabled device has what is known as a MAC address which is a unique identifier that’s assigned to the network adapter by the manufacturer. These are supposed to be globally unique ( but that’s not always the case) and normally the first three pairs of numbers/letters identify the hardware manufacturer. This is terrible if we’re planning on doing something subversive on a network as it’s a digital footprint of our activities.

Stealth MAC allows us to change the MAC address of the iPhone/iPod’s WiFi adapter. The best part is that it’s really easy to use. Simply edit the file “/etc/stealthmac” on your iPod/iPhone. The file should look something like this

#Replace the following value with your desired MAC address for the wireless interface

As it says just replace the mac address in the file with the one you want to pretend to be. I very highly recommend changing the first three pairs as those are what identify your iPod/iPhone as an Apple device. People can use tools to like http://coffer.com/mac_find/ to find out what manufacturer the MAC is registered to. The MAC address is a HEX address so when creating a false one only use the numbers 0-9 and the letters a through f.

Another way switching your MAC address can be useful is in hijacking someones session on a WiFi hotspot. If you can identify the MAC address of a paid user on a pay WiFi hot spot you can often change your MAC address to theirs and get some free Internet. although it can be a bit spotty if they’re trying to use it at the same time as you.

Come back tomorrow for the next article in the Ultimate portable covert Hacking device series.

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