LokiTorrent Legal Defense Fund

As many of you may have heard the MPAA is now trying to follow the RIAA’s example and suing BitTorrent Tracker operators. Now in the preceding years the RIAA have proved that might makes right and lived by the golden rule (he who has the gold makes the rules). We want to put this to a stop and stop the fearmongering the MPAA and RIAA are spreading. These organizations operate with no respect for the law but use it to further their ends such as poisioning P2P networks with adware/spyware that uses a security hole in a product that is not owned by them (link)

Well LokiTorrent has taken the high road and decided to stand up to the MPAA and we want the whole online community to stand behind them. Please help LokiTorrent whith their legal defense fund here

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