Systm Episode 1

Tonight at 8PM the first episode of Systm the new all tech vidcast by Kevin Rose. (I’d give full cred to everyone but the site is already down)
All episodes will be released free of charge, in a variety of formats (Theora, Xvid, WMV, H.264, PSP), wrapped in RSS (for vidcasting), and liscensed under the Creative Commons.

This release comes on the heels of Kevin announcing his release from his G$ (whoops did I hit shift by mistake?… well it seems fitting) er.. G4 contract. And it seems he’s going to be devoting his time to providing the good tech content we’d become used to from him. With his “DarkTips” on TechTV and The Broken.


After several weeks of lawyer negotations with G4, they have agreed to release me from my contract. Friday May 27th 2005 marks my last day on the G4 network.

I’m leaving G4 so that I can focus on what I love most, in-depth tech content. Starting with today’s premiere release of our new tech HOW-TO show ‘Systm,’ we will begin to build a network of technology television programming from the ground up. While Systm and thebroken will be our two flagship shows, in time, we hope to add more shows to the schedule with former TechTV cast members you all know and love.

Good on ya Kevin.

We hope to see some great content from you and hope you all the success in the world to prove to these big media conglomerates that we actually DO want tech with our TV.

Here’s some ways you can help Systm and Kevin

How you can help –
– Spread the word: Post in message boards, blog about it, email/IM your friends. Let anyone and everyone know that tech programming is alive and well.

– Sign up for the newsletter: Ecourage your friends and family to sign up for the systm newsletter so that we can keep you up-to-date with all the latest happenings.

– Help us distribute: Keep your bittorrent lines open after you finished the download.

– Advertise: Get your product or service in front of thousands of geeks! Email: ads at systm dot org

– Donate: We are purchasing studio space in the next few weeks – help the fund!

[I removed the donate link, go to for that]

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