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I'm a Vancouver based Software Engineer
Metal Worker
Classic Car/Motorcycle Enthusiast
Gamer, Musician, artist and Dad.

Hello There

I'm Liam

Liam M. Vancouver based Software Engineer specializing in Data operations. I've worked in the Video Game industry for Demonware and Activision and am currently with Etsy Inc as part of the Data Platform team. I'm a motorcycle and classic car enthusiast. A self taught amateur metalworker/welder, Musician, Artist and Most importantly a new dad learning how to balance that role with all the other parts of my life.

Game Credits
Cups of Coffee
Cars modified
Happy Baby

What I Do

I just like building. It can be software, a Classic Car a Motorcycle a Drawing or a Song. I like creating


Self Taught Guitar player (Acoustic and Electric) and more recently starting to bash on the Keyboard and learning how to use a DAW


I work digitally mostly using a 12.9" iPad and Procreate. A lot of my sketches can be seen on instagram"


I work on both Motorcycles and Classic cars and Motorcycles. My first motorcycle project was a 2003 Honda Shadow, I've since moved on to a Harley Davidson Road Glide and am actively restoring a 1965 Ford Mustang. I do all my own welding and metal work.


I work primarily with Big Data systems. Hadoop, Kafka, Kubernetes, etc as well as cloud tech AWS, GCP. I have a background in DevOps and Distributed systems.

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