First Trip on the Road Glide

I took a weekend trip up into the mountains on the new Road Glide this weekend. All in all it worked out pretty well. It had more than enough torque to navigate the inclines and pass the truckers quickly when needed.

Some Points I’m going to need to address before the next trip

  •  I need some highway pegs. Knees were getting a little sore at the ends of the ride
  •  The Stock Sound system is useless over 100km/h and not due to lack of volume just due to Wind noise distortion
  •  I need a bluetooth comms system both to address the above issue and it’s sometimes important to hear from your passenger.
  •  I need a new helmet, I usually rock a nice gold flake low profile 3/4 helmet when going about my business around town, I opted to be just slightly safer and use my Shark Raw This only served to protect me from the bugs. The wind noise was infinitely worse than my low-pro 3/4, and this particular helmet gave me a pain at the base of my skull in the back after a couple hours. I plan on looking into a Biltwell Lanesplitter once I can get my hands on one to try on for fit.
  •  The Road Glide is extremely top heavy at low speeds when fully loaded. I was expecting a little of this but it made the bike feel very unstable at low speeds and made me feel like a fresh rider all over again
  •  This one is obvious when you think about it but took me a few corners to clue in. Never use cruise control on corners. Even if you don’t think you’re doing it you subtly use throttle to control your lean angle in corners and if you have cruise control on (thinking you’re going to use it like on a car) this can cause some problems.
  • It was 28 deg C when I left but I wore my heavier coat. Despite some sweating in stop and go traffic in town this turned out to be a wise decision, climbing into higher altitudes and at speed the coat was perfect.

All in all though if you are ever in the area and can ride the Coquihalla in BC I highly recommend it, start from the Ocean in the Lower mainland up through the mountains and into the high desert

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